Dr. Muhammad Fazle Ramzan Khan

Associate Professor, Department of English

ROOM: 533 (D)

PABX: 7106

Email: fazle@english.uiu.ac.bd

Professional certifications

CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults): IH Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK

TTT (Train the Trainer): University of Cambridge, UK

Certificate in TESOL (Introduction to pedagogy and practices): University of Oregon, USA

Academic credentials

PhD (Language Education): ICCR Fellow, India

MA (English Language Teaching): IML, University of Dhaka

MA (English): Jahangirnagar University

BA (Honors in English): Jahangirnagar University

HSC: Government Science College, Dhaka

SSC: Government Laboratory High School, Dhaka

Selected publications

i. Khan, MFR. (2021). Jim Crow and the white masks: native speakerism and preferential hegemony in TE to SOL in Saudi Arabia. IATEFL Teacher Development Academic Journal, 2(1), 19-38. [United Kingdom]

ii. Khan, MFR. (2021). Use of language learning strategies in ESP and EGP: Perspectives from Saudi Arabia. IATEFL Professional and Academic English, 28(1), 37-51. [United Kingdom]

iii. Khan, MFR. (2021). Teach(er) and Teach(ing): Beliefs, Attitudes, and Teaching Practices. IATEFL Teacher Development Academic Journal, 1(1), 49-65. [United Kingdom]

iv. Khan, MFR. (2018). Teaching English as a foreign language: A multiple-strategies approach for students with learning disabilities. IRJPSNRM, 3(1), 62-75. [India]

v. Khan, MFR. (2017). Role of learner autonomy in choosing learning strategies in EFL: Bangladesh Perspective. RENOVA, 3(1), 39-50. [India]

vi. Khan, MFR. (2014). Smart Phone Generation: Reshaping the boundaries of Space (Classroom), Content (Text), and Authority (Teacher). BUP Journal, 1(2), 39-52. [Bangladesh]

vii. Khan, MFR. (2012). Language Learning Strategies: A Study of Teacher and Learner Perceptions. BUP Journal, 1(1), 140-153. [Bangladesh]